Do you know what these are in the image? Before 1991 I didn’t know what these were, before my mentor, George Hattingh Snr came into my life.  When I started working for George I saw myself as a “sound guy”. He saw more. I started installing PABX lines/extensions, and later programming these lines on the system. When a new person started working in the office, or someone moved to a different office on the premises, I would change where that telephone point came from, i.e. what extension is going to that point.  Sometimes I would even run a new line.  There’s an old saying “all roads lead to Rome”.  Well, all the extensions lead to these blocks…Krone Blocks.  All of the extensions from the PABX would come in on the top row, and the lines going to the telephone would go out on the bottom row.

This is something that I learned almost 30 years ago, and it is still part of me.  There are many such things that George taught me, and even though he left us so many years ago it will always be part of the legacy that he left with me.  There are many others like myself whose lives George influenced, and that he mentored.  It is one of my goals to teach my skills to others who come after me.