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Techmin was started to provide technical services, in excellence, to its clients.  Our commitment to service excellence is based on building and maintaining good client relationships, understanding our client requirements and delivering consistent quality services.

Experience spanning over more than 3 decades

Byron Lodewyk, owner of Technical Ministries (Pty) Ltd (Techmin), has over 3 decades experience in the Audio-Visual industry. He takes a hands-on approach and is actively involved in operations of the company. Byron’s passion is sound and he has a defined skill for managing technical and logistical issues.

 At the beginning of 2018 Lodewyk Audiovisual CC and Technical Ministries (Pty) Ltd was brought under one company and was rebranded as Techmin. Techmin is an audio-visual supply, installation and services company. We will research, supply and install the equipment that will best suit the client’s requirement and budget. Providing clients with meaningful after-sales support, and keeping away from the “box-drop” type of thinking, has been an asset to our company. Our clients trust us and rely on our expertise and integrity.

Techmin provides services to corporates, venues, schools, churches, restaurants, individuals and the entertainment industry. Organisations that have experienced Techmin’s service include M&G Media, WesBank, Grace Bible Church, Tabernacle of David (Nigeria), Lets Go Bowling, Reserve Bank and JB Rivers, amongst others.

We are not limited to South Africa, but have a number of clients across sub-Saharan Africa, and even the USA. One of our current projects is an installation in a 5000-seater church in Umthata, Eastern Cape, which is a ten-year project.

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