Church Installation

Olive Tree Parish

This Redeemed Church of God, Olive Tree Parish, project is very close to my heart.  It was initiated by my mentor George Hattingh Snr. When he passed away his son Cristo took on the project, who in turn took me along to get the job done.  He then left me there to complete the project.  Long-standing relationships and subsequent projects were then started.

With the design of the building and limited flying points, the speakers were all mounted on pillars.  The mix position had to be in a room on the gallery, so reference monitors were installed to assist with the mix. a combination of this and a sliding window to the auditorium is used during mixing.

We had a very interesting route for the cable runs, as we had to go down from an elevated floor on the gallery, through ground floor space, and into the basement parking, and then back up behind the platform.  A Clearsonic drum screen was introduced to control the live drum sound.


Let’s Make it Sound Good

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