The sound mix in a church can either draw the congregation into worship, or distract them and totally lose them. Training the sound operator how to operate the equipment is important, but equally important is training sensitivity during worship.

Techmin Academy is aimed at empowering sound operators, worship teams and pastors in the area of sound.  I can hear some worship leaders say “what has the sound got to do with me”.    Well, how you approach sound will affect you, the sound team and the worship in general.

Techmin Academy


Byron Lodewyk, who has an extensive background in both sound and church environment, has been conducting Sound Seminars and Workshops since the early 90’s.  These Seminars are aimed at the sound and worship team, as well as the pastor/minister.  Topics include attitude toward sound, knowing your system, mic technique, mixing techniques, communication, amongst other areas of concern.

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The First Visionary of Techmin Academy

George Hattingh, founder of “Academy of Sound Engineering”, started his sound career at the SABC in 1963.  In 1985, while department head for the Rhema Bible Church Sound and Technology Department, George held his first Sound Seminar.  This spread right through the International Fellowship of Christian Churches. George was ordained in 1989, and his ministry developed in training of church personnel in the ministry of helps, especially in the sound department.

George went nationwide presenting Sound Seminars since October 1985. In later years with Hattech he focused more on Sound Engineering through acoustical design, sound engineering and digital support.

Workshop and Seminar Subscription

Areas covered include:

  • The importance of the sound/sound operator in church.
  • Communication between sound operator and team on stage.
  • Getting to know your equipment.
  • Knowing the mixing the console.
  • Mic technique.
  • Basics of mixing.

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