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Techmin is a professional audio-visual supply, installation, and services company. We will research, supply, and install the equipment that will best suit the client’s requirements and budget. Providing clients with meaningful after-sales support, and keeping away from the “box-drop” type of thinking, has been an asset to our company. Our clients trust us and rely on our expertise and integrity. Techmin is your one-stop service provider for the supply, installation, and after-sales support of your audiovisual needs.

We specialise in installations in studios, retail facilities, places of worship, schools, and many others.  We use quality cables, connectors, and even consumables. Compromising on these areas often creates a “weakest link”.

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About Techmin

Techmin was started to provide technical services, in excellence, to our clients.  Our commitment to service excellence is based on building and maintaining good client relationships, understanding our client requirements, and delivering consistent quality services.




We do complete studio cabling and installations.  Working in conjunction with studio design, structure builders, and acoustic specialists, we can provide a turnkey solution for your new studio.

Places of Worship

Places of Worship

Whether you are upgrading your audiovisual system, making changes to an existing system, or need a completely new installation, let us provide the best solution for your requirements.



Audio and Visuals are key in attracting and engaging your customers in a retail store or restaurant. Let us provide a solution that integrates into your restaurant or shop.



We provide and install audiovisual equipment for corporate offices, from background music and white noise systems in open-plan offices to video conferencing systems in boardrooms, and everything in between.



From wedding venues to corporate conference venues, we provide a full audiovisual solution. A venue that has the most up-to-date facilities is always a preferred venue to use, to minimise clients having to hire additional services.

Educational Institutions

Learning Institutions

Every learning institution has audiovisual requirements. We provide services for the requirements in school halls, sports fields, computer rooms, and even for the streaming of lessons.

We also provide training for the learners operating the systems in the school.

Custom Cables

Custom Cables

We custom make cables for studio, staging, and any other audiovisual requirements. From quality microphone cables to D-sub cables to every other audiovisual cable, let us custom make these for your according to your requirements.



Knowledge is power, and empowering others with knowledge built up over more than 35 years, is a big part of the establishment of this company.

Our main focus area is the training of sound personnel in churches as well as learners operating the sound systems in schools.


Studio Move

Moving your studio – make it better

Every so often I receive a call from someone who had a studio in one facility but builds a studio in his home.  With moving the existing equipment to the new studio, they want to take the infrastructure and cabling to the next level.  One such person is Floors from Spacebar Studios. A well-established musician, producer, and engineer, he wanted the facilitate being able to record other artists, as well as himself laying down tracks.  This meant being able to control the computer and DAW from within the live room.

Thank you for trusting me with this project, and letting me be part of this journey.


Experience of more than 3 decades

Byron Lodewyk, the owner of Technical Ministries (Pty) Ltd (Techmin), has over 3 decades of experience in the Audio-Visual industry. He takes a hands-on approach and is actively involved in the operations of the company. Byron’s passion is sound and he has a defined skill for managing technical and logistical issues.

         Techmin provides services to corporates, venues, schools, churches, restaurants, individuals and the entertainment industry. Organisations that have experienced Techmin’s service include Sony Music, Universal Music, Redemption Church, Tabernacle of David (Nigeria), Reserve Bank, and Luigi’s Pizzeria, amongst others.

We are not limited to South Africa, but have a number of clients across sub-Saharan Africa, and even the USA. One of our current projects is an installation in a church in Eswatini (previously Swaziland), which has been a ten-year project.


Recent Projects


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Places of Worship


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Do you know what these are in the image? Before 1991 I didn't know what these were, before my mentor, George Hattingh Snr came into my life.  When I started working for George I saw myself as a "sound guy". He saw more. I started installing PABX lines/extensions, and...

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Keep your eyes on your goal

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Every client is unique, and so is every project. It’s best you treat it that way. This is for your client’s benefit, as well as your own. Treating a project on a template basis is bound to cause problems for you. You either end up overcharging the client, at times...

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