Acoustic Treatment

United Methodist Church Memorial Centre (DRC)

This project falls under the dual category of acoustic treatment and training.  To accommodate the budget, we supplied the material to build acoustic panels for this church in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and had it built locally by an in-house team.

The materials were shipped up to DRC, by truck.  Once everything had been delivered, Byron flew over to train the local team on how to build these panels.  The local team of the church grasped very quickly, and in no time they were on their way to manufacturing and installing these panels.

One of the back rooms in the church was turned into a workshop for the work to be done.  Later a second was used for the “upholstery” side of the work.  Eventually, we moved work ton inside the main church building.

We received positive reports that the panels made a noticeable difference to the acoustics in this 2500-seater pace of worship.


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