Studio Installation

Spier Studio

There are those times when a project goes beyond an installation.  When a name becomes more than what you were used to. Spier has been known for their amazing wine, yet in the last month, I discovered that they have a beautiful hotel, which I have had the privilege of spending a night in. The Spier Wine Farm now also has their own recording studio.

Techmin had the joy of being brought on board by TMB Acoustics, who was originally contracted for this project.  We installed lines between the live room and control room, both sides on panels. We then also provided a custom-made DB25 cable for the link into the sound card.

This project involved transforming a veeeery old building, nestled on a tranquil farm in between the mountains, into a world-class recording and mastering studio.

The view from the studio was maintained while providing soundproofing on the existing windows and sliding doors.



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